Don't go down when you are earning money!

Created by Martijn Hengelmolen at 26-08-2020 20:09:04 +0200

Finally your systems are generating revenue, in peak times even more so, unfortunately this coincides with the moment when you are most at risk and need the most resilience.

This is a case story for a high volume core business application for E-mail marketing campaigns.

Our customer sells mails delivered to their clientele. They sell these mails in the millions per customer, accumulating to several billion mails sent per annum. To achieve such volumes a range of enterprise-grade infrastructure applications for high-volume email are required.

The clientele is supplied with dedicated campaign software to send out their email marketing campaigns. These campaign apps are deployed in isolated instances which in turn consist of several load balanced components.

Resulting in over 200 parallel containers!

At peak delivery times thousands of readers will simultaneously open the sent marketing message, sometimes resulting in upwards of 1000 clicks per second. You run a real risk if you are unable to upscale when such a wave of activity is coming your way and last thing you need in a time like this is a "503 Service unavailable" response, just when you are generating revenue. 

When a successful campaign hits over a 1000 requests per second you will want to be able to upscale your processing facilities instantly. Both vertically and horizontally! Exactly what can be achieved on our platform!


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