What we did for PTMD we can do for you too!

Created by Martijn Hengelmolen at 01-07-2020 21:26:35 +0200

PTMD asked us to help problem solve their new Magento webshop as it was suffering from some performance issues. The front page took over 13 seconds to load, so the performance was dreadful. Magento webshops can notoriously be slow and unresponsive, but this was ridiculous.

Thankfully, within a day we had managed to cut the response time in half. An impressive improvement but the webshop was still untenable. Further improvements eventually brought the webshop to within somewhat acceptable levels, but no one was ever very happy with the Magento shop.

We ended up building an API connecting directly to Navision and servicing both their sales app and their B2B webshop. It was such a vast improvement that the CEO considered our technology a real competitive advantage. Their B2C site was up for review next, it was driven by Shopify. You can guess where this story is headed, the hassle of importing and exporting article and inventory files will make the system difficult to manage. Connecting Shopify to our API improved matters considerably.


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