Cloudcontainers, our solution for your needs

Created by Martijn Hengelmolen at 01-12-2019 11:07:56 +0100

It’s Affordable. It’s Fast. It’s Reliable.

Get the desired performance when you need it. You can deploy and adapt multiple containers in seconds. Our cloud platform is based on SmartOS and our servers are all located in top tier datacentres with all the relevant redundant infrastructure.

We offer containers for as little as 2,50 per month, perfectly suited to your micro service approach. Need a bigger environment for large apps? No problem, you can deploy large containers in seconds too!

Other hosting companies fill their servers to the max, and then some! Overcrowded servers can significantly impact performance, Cloudcontainers does not oversell one bit, when you buy a gig of memory or disk we guarantee you that no one else bought the same space too!


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