During a crisis within the construction industry a merger was always on the cards

Created by Admin at 31-10-2017 10:46:17 +0100

With a declining construction industry and general malaise within the dutch economy lasting for several years, it was no easy feat to maintain market volumes required for a healthy outlook. As the two leading educators in the field offered mostly non-competing trainings and courses to different segments within the branche they decided to merge. As such BOB and KOB have combined forces and merged into BOB-KOB. 

Our involvement came in advisory, design and development roles.

Analysing the differing business processes, available technologies  and future goals an incremental approach was decided upon. Each business process was placed under review and where possible merged into one or when no other option was present a conditional approach was implemented. For example, due to dutch law in education, VAT can be applied in two ways, depending on your customer base one or the other is deemed superior.

Our involvement originated from the 2008 implementation of our administrative system BOS, at the time BOS was specifically written for BOB and now all systems and processes needed to facilitate a similar but not quite the same process flow for KOB. 


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