Our Cloud, Your Solution

Created by Martijn Hengelmolen at 31-10-2017 21:37:57 +0100

Starting from 2,50 per month for a single Micro Container to massive infrastructure demands.

Our cloud solutions will offer you a range of benefits, such as low initial investments, less technical skill requirements and performance improvements due to excellent server capacity.

We have chosen SmartOS container technology to offer our cloud services and made our cloud accesible via cloudcontainers.net. Using this Unix solution we can offer you performance levels which cannot easily be matched by competing technologies like VM-ware. 

We can offer both a public or private option. Either option comes with specific benefits. Public cloud gives you instant access to a large infrastructure environment whereas private clouds offer license and compliance benefits. Many of our customers opt for a hybrid, both a public and a private area within their local network.

"A private cloud is surprisingly within reach, 

and does not require a infinite budget at all!"

Due to our micro cloud infrastructure options a dedicated server for your private cloud starts for as little as 640,- per month. Off course we can help you with an entire private datacentre too!

If you are running a web application why not outsource it to us? We can deliver the full range of requirements for properly maintaining your application. Version management, deployment issues, back-up and recovery are all task we are very familiar with. We will deploy a testing, staging and production environment which allows us to offer you a properly managed platform and giving you the piece of mind you require.

Our procedures are audited annually to ensure we live up to our ISO 27001 (information security) and ISO 9001 (quality) certificates. Both certificates are a must for many compliance necessities in both private and public sectors.

If you want to know more about our offerings, please email info@initworks.com or phone +31 (0)10 280 97 44.


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