How to install Git Bash for Windows

Created by Jordy Leffers at 06-12-2017 11:05:35 +0100

In order to acces (remote) servers or Cloud Containers, you'll need a terminal to communicate through. Git Bash is such a terminal program, and is part of the installation of Window's desktop version of Git.

You can download the latest version of Git here.

Once you've downloaded the installer, run it.

You'll be asked about what components you want to install with Git, for the simple task of logging in through an SSH connection or generating SSH keys, the default is fine.

Next you'll be prompted for your preferred text editor, choose one and click next.

Next question is a little more important. You'll be asked on how you want Git to adjust your path environment. The default is to use Git from the Windows command prompt, but since it's a cleaner install and will not modify the paths on your pc at all, I recommend taking the first option: Use Git from Git Bash only.

For the other questions, you can go with the default answer that's all ready selected.

Congratulations, you've just installed Git Bash on your PC!


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